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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Placemats and a tablet case :-)

I've been collecting coffee prints for awhile and this was the perfect project to bust out a few. I'm one of those fabric addicts that loves to "pet" my fabric! So cutting into a piece takes great effort!
I tell myself to "just do it" cut and use, isn't that why you bought the beauty in the first place!! So after I wrestle the demons on my shoulders, I get out the rotary cutter and slice, while a little tear rolls down my cheek. sniff sniff........moving on.......... the tablet case is my own design made with my needs in mind. The coffee cup print is a pocket with a zipper to hold my tablet charger and ear buds. The coffee bean print is padded and machine quilted with a double straight line stitch, with a key ring attached and not shown but added after the photo an elastic cord to hold the carrying case shut. It's just perfect for my needs and makes me smile seeing my coffee print fabric.

The set of four placemats are from my extra EXTRA large scrap collection! I just can't get enough scraps!!!  I have several quilt books devoted to scraps with great plans of cutting my collection into usable uniform sizes.....someday. (wink, wink) Really, I'm going to on a rainy day, we just happen to be in a drought cycle at the present!!!!! So these placemats are for DD and her husband, I think the colors will go well with her dishes and rustic wood d├ęcor.
In addition to my coffee print collection, I also collect chicken, sunflowers and Hawaiian prints. By Hawaiian I mean those fabrics collected while in Hawaii!!
Today is a sunny day full of promise!
It's the first day of Spring!!!!!!!!!! Bring it on!!


  1. Oooh nice, I recognize that coffee print! We picked that up in South Kona so that's some high quality beans right there! Great use for it!

    1. oh just wait till you see the most recent sewing creations, for someone very special!!!!! wink wink I even used some of my Hawaiian prints!

  2. Oh mommer I love them! You are so awesome!

    1. The placemats are even better colors in person, soon you will see!!