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Monday, March 24, 2014

A crafting idea from Pinterest worked!

Yes indeedy! I pinned an idea to try and it worked!!! I covered my lamp shade with tissue from a sewing pattern, I picked up at the thrift shop!
I had previously covered the lamp shade with a linen paper I had leftover from my college art class days. I have a collection of vellum, linen, parchment and handmade papers from sketching class. So, the linen paper shade had a few tears from some unfortunate accidents and was begging for a fix! Sorry no before picture ;-( but just know it was really sad looking!!  Well I'm super pleased with the new shade and just love the sewing tie-in. I use to sew clothing but gave most of my patterns to the thrift store years ago, the ones I've kept are for sentimental reasons (my wedding dress pattern) or else children's clothing patterns that I made for my own children and knew that someday I would sew them again for grandchildren! This was an easy and fun technique, mix some water in with glue, (I used Aleene's Tacky glue, gold bottle), paint on lamp shade, and stick on tissue paper piece! I layered collage style and covered each piece with more water/glue mixture. Years ago my children and I covered blown eggs with colored tissue paper, using this same technique. Soon I'll be getting out my Easter decorations so I'll post a picture of these beautiful creations! We made about 12 dozen or more over several years, we just couldn't stop and new ideas kept happening!!
Ok back to the sewing room, TheManWhoHoldsMyHeart is out of town for several days so it's open sewing, NO meals to prepare!!!



  1. Ooo it did turn out great! Don't you just love it when things work like they're supposed to?

    1. Oh yea! I've had a few bloopers, especially recipes!

  2. Loving the pattern lamp shade. I have a whole lotta very old patterns Mom had.