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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just a few completed projects :-)

I made this elephant for Katelyn from a pinterest pattern.

Bibs for Katelyn also from a pinterest pattern, but I added laminate to the fabric.

Bibs for my grandson-to-be! #1Son and his wife D are expecting in early September!!

Table runner that was a wedding shower gift, for the fiancĂ©, of my nephew Drew!
I'm really enjoying these fun little projects!


  1. Bibs are so useful and handmade is so thoughtful. They are fun prints. I'm squealing with delight over a pink polka dot elephant. C.U.T.E.

    1. Thanks Stephanie for leaving a comment. The bib prints I've been collecting for years, a scrap here, a fat quarter there all with plans for sewing for my MANY(hear that kids) grandchildren!! The pink polka dot I bought 3 yards of, more plans with that one!! ;-)

  2. Oh those are all so cute! Looks like you've been busy. I've never sewn with laminated fabric. Is it any different than sewing with regular fabric?